• 23.09 – 29.09.2019 Yoga Tour to Rhodes, Greece

  • 7-day yoga intensive workshop on the beautiful Rhodes Island, Greece!

    Dates of the intensive: 23.09.2019 – 29.09.2019
    Tour dates: 21.09.2019 - 01.10.2019 (10 nights); 22.09.2019 - 29.09.2019 (7 nights)
    Location: Greece, Rhodes
    Yoga teacher: Veronica Tulaeva - Senior coach according to the method Yoga23&Yoga23fit and World Yoga Alliance Coach.  

    Dear lovers of yoga, I invite you to join the Intensive Yoga Workshop in September, 23-09-19 to 29-09-19, on the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes! 

    So, what are we waiting for?

    You probably know that yoga awakens, fills and cleans our body, mind and soul. An Intensive Workshop on methodology Yoga23 will help to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle, stress and problems, to free you from negative thoughts and whatever stops you on your way to solving your problems and realize your potential. 

    The Intensive Workshop will help you to come to the feeling of your inner power, energy filled state, and tranquility in the body and in consciousness. We will train for 7 days, morning and evening sessions. Also, you can only take 5 days (one week) of the workshop or 2-day Intensive (weekend program). the intensive workshop will allow you to experience the principle of "maximum efficiency for a minimum period of time" and reach a new level of practice.

  • Workshop Programme:
    Thick practice for 7 days training 2 training sessions a day for 2-2.5 hours (morning and evening)

    • Asana practice (yoga poses);
    • Breathing techniques;
    • Adjustments in asanas;
    • The combination of dynamic and static modes of practice;
    • Work on transitional movements;
    • Work with attention in asanas;
    • Deep conscious relaxation - Yoga Nidra
    • Answers to your questions
  • For whom: Intensive workshop algorithm is designed for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Classes are made on the principle of 'now-on-now"(adapting before each workout) in order to achieve maximum efficiency of its impact on the group.

  • Veronika Tulaeva

    Senior coach in Yoga23 System, World Yoga Alliance yoga teacher
    More than 14 years of personal yoga practice;
    10 years of teaching;
    3200 group and personals classes;
    25 Yoga tours;
    Around 5300 hours of personal practice;
    500+ people have taken and are taking my group and personal yoga classes; 
    More than 1400 hours of Teacher training and Seminars.

  • The number of participants is limited (up to 20 people).
    Desirable to have: Comfortable clothes for classes and a yoga mat, protective means against the sun.
    Prepayment guarantees your participation in the event.


    Meal: All Inclusive!
    Tour price* is included Flight+hotel+transfer+insuarance+all inclusive meal**

    10 Nights 1460 Euro
    9 Nights 1300 Euro
    7 Nights 1070 Euro

    10 Nights 1200 Euro
    9 Nights 1065 Euro
    7 Nights 940 Euro

    *To book the tour you can pay just 30% from the full price first

    **You can also request the price without the flight

    ***You also free to book flight and accommodation by yourself ;)

  • Workshop Price

    Whole 7 days program  300 euro if you pay before and 350 euro if you pay directly on a place;
    5 days program 250 euro if you pay before and 280 euro on a place;
    Weekend program (2 days) 120 euro if you pay before; and 140 euro on a place.

    Yoga tour is always a great opportunity to reach a new level of practice, to get some sea and sun, filled with health and positive emotions, and to visit beautiful and interesting places and of course, make new friends!

    You are welcome to join our yoga journey! ;)

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