• About me

  • Education
    High Technical, School of teachers in the Yoga Studio of A.V. Sidersky
    System Yoga23  Trainer  (yoga teacher)
    Swimming, dancing, skiing, piano, traveling, martial arts (judo, mma), chess, web design, modeling

  • Achievements:
    - Red diploma MAI (honour with degree) 
    - The first and won prizes in judo competitions
    - The successful solution of complex problems in the banking systems 
    - Active personal growth, solving actual, existential, family problems  as well as effective assistance in case of health problems

  • Experience in practice of Hatha Yoga - more than 12 years.
    I am a member of the International Association of Gymnastics yogis and recreational

  • Yoga teacher: Yoga 23 Coach  - Y23 Senior Сoach (SC) (training programs for joint and tendon gymnastics I, II, III and IV stages Y23, and 6 stages of fit version, Basic and Advanced programs, one-time adaptation of "today for today" programs I, II, III and IV stages of Y23) Options: Short complex of dynamic workout (Ying Yang Qigong), warm-up complex (Dragon Tooth), warm-up complex (ZERO), warm-up complex (Web (Tornado)), warm-up complex (KREST (KREST FUS MAGNUM)), YOGA23FIT, Short complex purification respiratory workout (breath optimization exercises - BOEX).

  • A little history about the way to yoga and coaching

    Вероника Тулаева - тренер по йоге высокой квалификации. Yoga23 Шалабхасана

    I got introduced to Yoga in childhood. It was part of the culture of the family. There was a book  "Hatha Yoga" by one Indian guru at our house. My brother and I used to  watch it and tried to portray its postures, so beautifully shown on the illustrations. Then there was quite an interesting experience in sport judo and other martial arts. My coach was Voronov Vadimir, that was also the trainer of famos MMA fighter Fedor Emalyanenko by the way. Despite the exhausting trainings, my body and mind had still something missing. In search of this something I read books by Osho and Castaneda, then I had got into my hands a book by A.V. Sidersky "Third Revelation of Power" in the form of leaflets with typewritten text.  During its reading a feeling of need todo yoga had hit  me. And my way in this direction had begun ...

    I have tried on myself  different types of yoga of various teachers in Russia, Ukraine, India. A knee injury at one of the judo classes, had finally determined my choice in favor of yoga. Despite the fact that the doctors after the knee surgery strictly forbade me to do anything except sitting, lying on  bed and neat walking with gypsum, I began my regular classes but now it was yoga. And despite the opinion of traditional medicine, the function of the knee gradually began to recover.

    Reading numerous books on yoga and visits to various yoga classes had been continuing. Finally, I felt integrated and harmonious elaboration of the whole body, but still I did not have enough of that intensity and strenght (if I can say so) of training that was felt at judo. Finding a suitable direction of yoga for me kept continuing and eventually led me to one of  Moscow book shops on self-development called "White Clouds". Here I got into my hands  Kiev magazine "YOGA" in which I read about the system of A.V. Sidersky Yoga23. And to my surprize the creator of the method was not virtual, transcendental author, who once had impressed  me with his book but a real person! In addition, the description of the effectiveness of the system was so compelling that I had no doubt to come to class. After the first Yoga23 training session at A. Khanov it became clear that I found my direction of yoga.

  • Групповая тренировка. Вероника Тулаева - тренер по йоге ( Йога 23 )

    Then there were classes at different Y23 teachers, numerous seminars at A.V. Sidersky,  tripsto Kiev and other cities. After six months of the tranings by first stage my knee was fully recovered, the body became more perfect, life more interesting and full , I began to understand and be aware of myself.

    After a while I myself began to teach the method. Feeling the effect on me, there was a need to share it with others. I had passed an intensive and in-depth training  school of coaches at Yoga Studio  of A.V. Sidersky. Practicing gymnastics yogis with the students , I continue to learn and improve myself. I must say, for me, the real reward - to see the poeple's results that are gained by training , making them more healthy, beautiful, perfect. I'm still delighted at how the knowledge of ancient is applicable now, and how yoga makes life better and more intense.