• The Best Yoga Music Playlists on Youtube

  • Although many don’t consciously realize it, sound holds the key to soothing our souls. The best musicians take us from the peaks of elation to the depths of sorrow. They can fire us up to dance or exercise and lull us into deep states of meditation and healing.

    For that reason, a great soundtrack is a perfect compliment to any yoga practice. Whether you’re working to cultivate strength, serenity, or everything in between, the proper playlist will help you to dig deeper and get the most from each asana.

    Here are some the best playlists on Youtube to aid in either your personal practice or yoga teaching.

    Relaxing Indian Instrumentals

    If you’re in the mood for something authentic, this nearly three-hour long mix of traditional Indian instruments, such as the bansuri flute, will lull you into a quiet state of tranquility. This peaceful soundscape is perfect for establishing stillness within.

  • Embrace Calm Serenity

    Taking influence from all over the East, this playlist offers traditional tunes that will whisk you towards serenity. Embrace your practice as you listen to sounds from Arabia, Tibet, China, and India.

  • Modern Vinyasa Flow

    This playlist presents the grace of traditional music with a groovy modern twist. These spacy, etheric, and almost otherworldly soundscapes presented in this collection will have your mind soaring into introspection from the moment you press play.

  • Mystical Mantras

    For those whose practice is rooted in Hindu philosophy, this mantra music will perfectly accompany your yoga sessions. From the Gayatri Mantra to Om Namah Shivaya, you’ll find everything you need for a devotional practice here.

  • Indie Yoga Playlist

    If you’re a fan of indie and alternative music, this chilled-out collection is the perfect addition to your practice. Find deep relaxation with the help of artists such as Bombay Bicycle Club, Milky Chance, and Bon Iver.

  • Chilled Out Electronic Music

    When most people think about electronic music, they instantly imagine raves, night clubs, or parties. However, the genre has a much more approachable incarnation as well that you’ll find in this playlist. These electronic soundscapes from artists like Emancipator, Tycho, and Phantogram connect us to our tribal roots with a modern flavor.

  • Groovy Yoga Beats

    For those who desire a more upbeat, sweaty session, this funk-filled collection will have you grooving your way into each new pose. Once you’re stretched out, you’ll be ready for a full-on dance session.

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