• Yoga in Moscow

  • I run regular private and group yoga classes in Moscow.
    Venue of group trainings:

    • Moscow, Yoga Club "Era vodoleya", Alexandra Nevskogo Street, 27.

    The private classes take place in the different districts of Moscow, and also Moscow area. Time and place can be discussed by phone.

    Sometimes in the rhythm of modern city life in infinite series of events and meetings we  forget about ourselves. I suppose you realize that if you want achieve your goals, be successful in every sphere of your life, feel yourhself satisfied you should have health, body full of energy, and mind without excess thoughts inside. But how can you have all these treasures not spending much time?

  • Moscow is a dynamic megapolis with plenty of opportunities, long distances, fast running time and enormous energy expenses for achieving necessary goals.

    Yoga trainings help you replenish power resources, make your body perfect, feel new energy and be in good mood! The time of training is from 1 h to 1,5 h. 2-3 trainings a week regularly let you improve the quality of your life significantly, keep in constant harmony your mind and body. 

    Spending just litte time for practice you get such bonuses as energy, tonus, clear mind and healthy body!

  • Phone, WhatsApp, Viber:  +79263024651 

  • "If you inflame such light as yoga it never stoppes shining. The more efforts you do the more results you have, and the light is shining constantly in your body and mind" -. Bellur Iyengar Krishnamacharya

  • Schedule of group trainings

    Monday7.00. p.m. - 8.30. p.m.Yoga Club "Era Vodoleya"
    Friday7.00. p.m. - 8.30. p.m.Yoga Club "Era Vodoleya"
    Saturday11.00. a.m.-12.30 a.m.Online Yoga Class