• Why do yoga

  • Nowadays, yoga is becoming more popular. New yoga clubs open, the public is represented by quite a large range of activities under the direction of a greater number of coaches.

    Often, people who look everywhere at bright advertising with images of slender and beautiful women or men in various intricate and not very yoga poses with an invitation to a class, may have questions:

    "Actually, what is it all about? Why waste time and money on this kind of training?"
    "There's probably a stretch? And what is it for? Meditation? Probably one needs to sit in the lotus with eyes closed or something like that. Or maybe that's all you need for a certain enlightenment? what is all that stuff?"
    "It is better to relax after a hard day's work at home (in front of  TV or computer) or with friends ... There's no time for such studies, there are more pressing issues." And so on...

    I want to share own observations and observations of people training with me, about what can give hatha yoga exercises (in particular, the system Yoga23 of A.V. Sidersky) and the reason to waste your "precious" time and money on training by this system, which came to us through the millennia.